“Our home has definitely withstood the test of time and we can honestly say that our Terrell Pruett home is the embodiment of quality, custom-building. What stands out most about Terrell is his honesty, forthrightness and desire to always listen to whatever we had to say. Terrell Pruett is a true gentleman.”

BOB & POLLY CAREY (Kings Crossing)

“His attention to detail demonstrated in moulding, cabinetry and finish work is evidence of this first-class attitude that Terrell brings to any project. When co-workers were looking to build homes, we have repeatedly sent them to Terrell. As we tried to incorporate some very different concepts into our home, Terrell was always very open to our ideas and eager to tackle some very innovative approaches to accommodate our desires.”

DR. ROB & MARY NEWTH (Kings Crossing)

“One of the primary reasons we’re enjoying the work with Terrell is the fact that he’s on the site every day, very organized, observing each detail, making sure that everything is proceeding in a timely fashion, with suggestions for improvement each step of the way.”


“As a truly likable, honest, straightforward, eager to please, and reliable builder, he is a rare find in his field. As a result, we recommend Terrell to our friends in search of a quality builder.”


“…when we began to shop around for a builder and after interviewing eight different contractors, we were sold on Terrell. His honesty and trustworthy nature are what really won us over to Terrell and after all was said and done, it all came down to Terrell himself. His dedication still continued after we moved in and as we complete the final checklist, he’s right on top of everything, making sure that nothing is short of perfect.”


“The mature, honest and disciplined approach Terrell brings to his construction lets you know that he’s a real people’s builder.”

DR. ROBERT & JANIE VELA (Country Club Estates)

“…we can say without reservation that Terrell really stands behind his work and is always sensitive to his reputation and its legacy.”



More Testimonies

“We have nothing but good things to say about Terrell. We had heard all the nightmarish stories about building a home, but Terrell has made this a dream for us. He walks you through the entire project, notices ‘everything, and immediately picks up on even the smallest details right away. With my husband extremely busy with his work, I was worried about not being taken seriously. But, Terrell is very respectful of my questions and involvement, making sure that I never felt like just another ignorant woman, taking time to explain anything I question, even drawing pictures to make the whole concept clearer to me. This attitude extends to all the people working for him, showing an unusual concern for the neighbors, apologizing for any inconveniences. Yet, despite this attention to detail, we are AHEAD of schedule and this has actually been FUN — a real ball!”


“After a year, we have no regrets. We like our home even more and can’t find anything we would change. A lot of people hear major horror stories about custom building a home, but we were not only able to complete our home to our exact specifications, but were also in the process of planning our wedding at the same time. We broke ground in February, were married three months later— with Terrell as a guest, no less, and never skipped a beat. We had met him briefly during a previous Parade of Homes tour, checked him out to find an untarnished reputation, and after our interview with him, immediately knew he was the guy for us. His honesty and willingness to please, placing no pressure on us concerning deadlines, led to a personal friendship that has lasted long after the completion of our home. In fact, we told Terrell that if he ever wants to show our home to anyone, the door is always open. How many people can say that about their homebuilder?”

LEE & CAROL STOCKSETH (Kings Crossing)

“The idea that Terrell reiterated the entire time was that I’m building this for YOU and we’ll do it the way YOU want it done! Terrell embodies the custom process, building quality every step of the way. We were never rushed on any decision and his commitment to superior workmanship was the reason we specifically chose Terrell. He doesn’t just build your home and leave you, but is always there to back up the work and that is the reason that we would use Terrell again, in a heartbeat.”

DR. DUANE & DR. TRICIA MARTIN (Kings Crossing)

“As a Realtor, I had worked with Terrell since 1987 and was always very proud to be associated with him professionally. Knowing that he stands behind what he does, has allowed me to stake my reputation on Terrell with confidence whenever I recommend him to one of my clients. Having worked with Terrell on building other people’s homes, it was a real delight to be able to build my own home with him. Not only was I able to maintain my professional performance levels during construction, but also realized my personal dreams for a home_ As a Realtor, this is a true complement to Terrell’s abilities, viewing houses every day and still being satisfied with the choices I made two years ago.”


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